Jan Peloza

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  • University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Computering and Informatics (Bachelor) and Faculty for Social Studies (Masters)
  • Engineer of Computering and Informatics and Master in Communication

Current organisation

Institute for Youth, Health and Sustainable Development and Zavod Mobin-EYCA Slovenia; Alcohol Policy Youth Network and Youth Network No Excuse Slovenia

Current role

Director (two organizations), President of Monitoring Committee (two organizations)

Skills and Expertise

Event planning
Project management
Public policy
Teaching and training

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about


I am an engineer in computering and informatics and currently finishing my masters in social marketing with a focus on problematic gambling. At the time of drafting this description, I am still president of Alcohol Policy Youth Network and the funder of one of the most successful Slovenian non-governmental organizations, the Youth Network No Excuse Slovenia. Being a youth worker for the last 15 years, I contributed to the development of the European health promotion and health-advocacy sector, while at the same time as a trainer and facilitator helped young people to become socially engaged as organizers of many successful international events. As a youth worker I have led several sectoral-developmental projects that were focusing on the topics of health and sustainable development, out of which the most important were the European Environmental and Health Youth Coalition, YU-SEE (Ex-YUgoslavia South-Eastern Europe) network on the impact of different industries on the youth health and environment and Sustainaware - Global Youth Partnership for Education on Sustainable Development.