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Andrea Papus Ngombet Malewa

Paris IV Sorbonne

I am passionate about

I am young Congolese citizen living in Paris and founder of Sassoufit – a collective representing Congolese civilians behind the protest movement.

The campaign #Sassoufit was aimed at raising awareness about the constitutional change and the 3rd mandate of Sassou, this objective is achieved.

The #Sassoufit Campaign sensitizes international opinion on the fate of political prisoners and ethnic cleansing in the Pool.
It also works to obtain a peaceful popular insurrection capable of definitively overthrowing the regime.

I'm also passionate about space conquest and follow the news of company like space X, Blue origin or planetary ressource. I wish to develop such activity one day in my home country.


As the coordinator of the Collectif Sassoufit, I lead a campaign against Sassou Nguesso dictatorship and help young people to organize themself through social media.
We denounce the regime brutal repression, help funding the civil society youth movement and protect militants when they are in custody, mainly with social media campaign and newsletter.

Our first task are to denounce the dictatorship behavior through a centralized facebook page where the crime are reported. For this purpose, vigilance committees throughout the country has been recruited and partially equipped as long as we get money for this. These committees are assigne to film, photograph, record all irregularities or fraud, the social condition etc.

Initially only a Facebook page, the autonomous collective has since grown to around 100 members, and generally works with other civil society organisations such as the Mouvement Citoyen Ras Le Bol and Jeunesse républicaine et citoyenne and many others locals groups