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Mohammad Lone

University of Bath

I am passionate about

My main interest lies in the activities of businesses, with regards to their ethics and responsibilities. I am particularly interested in the broadening of focus of some modern businesses, from serving shareholders exclusively, towards also taking external factors and interests into account, such as those of the environment or local community. I believe responsible corporate behaviour, whether it is paying workers a fair wage, investing in green technology, or creating beneficial products and services, is not mutually exclusive with high profits, and I am interested to broaden my view of how the two can thrive in coexistence.

This relates to my interest in politics, and the Political Economy subject as a whole. In my view one of the most overlooked aspects of corporate behaviour is the interaction of businesses with the government and wider political system as a whole. We can see things like tax evasion or avoidance, which is covered frequently by the media. But on a deeper level, private money used to finance election campaigns has a significant influence on policy, polluting the democratic nature of major elections and ultimately having negative impacts, such as increasing wealth inequality. I would be interested to learn the future of the political economy in the West and, with the rise of non-traditional 'outsiders' like Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn, whether the current system is sustainable.

Other than this, I am very interested in the environment, in technology, and the automotive industry. I enjoy when these interests combine, as it has recently with the advent of the electric car, and I am eager to see what the future could bring for our transportation as a whole.


My own journey to Economics was a rocky one, especially as I had never studied it formally before coming to University. I wanted to learn the real world implications of Economics, and I felt this was done better by taking advantage of the wealth of literature on the matter rather than studying the pre-university syllabus. Being intrigued by the accessible nature of many economics books, two years ago I created poponomics - a platform on which I could share what I learned and my opinions on it. With a website and a YouTube channel, the aim of poponomics is to help people to learn and benefit intellectually from the wide world of Economics, without having to study it formally and have pre-knowledge of all the jargon we are accustomed to see in the papers. Today, I am still writing and creating videos for poponomics, but aiming to increase representation and the range of views on the website by encouraging greater involvement of guest writers.

At University, I am an Academic Representative of my year group of 180+, actively ensuring that the views of the student body are heard and taken into account by University staff in decision-making.