Karen Ramirez

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  • The Leadership Center
  • Business and Leadership Degree, February 2016

Current organisation

The Leadership Center

Current role

Co-Director and Dean of Students

Skills and Expertise

Community management
Project management
Teaching and training
Women’s rights

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In addition to my work at The Leadership Center, I lead small organization called Women with Purpose. We meet every Friday to share ideas and strategize about how to improve our lives and the lives of other Honduran women. The mission of our group is to help women find and pursue their purpose in life. We convince them that they can aspire to more than just cooking and cleaning. We fundraise and solicit sponsors to cover the cost of operation because all of our projects benefit poor women and are free of charge. Leading this group has made me an example for the students and people around me. We have started projects in a few poor communities across the country and they have all positively impacted people’s lives, especially the lives of women and youths, since all action that benefits mothers benefits their children as well. I have always known that God was going to use me to make changes in the life of others. Our last conference was unforgettable for me. It was in my home town of San Jose de Comayagua. The people were so interested, and I saw hope in their faces and they asked us to come back and share more information with them. It meant a lot to me because these people have known me since I was a little girl, and now in their eyes I am a leader. Those people motivate me to continue helping and serving because I know that even one conversation or one new piece of knowledge is enough to make someone think. Sometimes, it is enough to change a life.