Madis Uuemaa

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  • Tallinn University of Technology
  • Masters degree
  • PhD in progress (2nd year), platoon leader in Estonian Defense Forces.

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Smart Load Solutions

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Information technology
Strategic planning
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Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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As a founder of Smart Load Solutions, I am passionate about how the world is consuming electricity. Electricity grids were built and designed over a century ago with an aim to provide electricity to the consumers whenever they demand it. When a device is turned on, there has to be electricity for it. Since these electric consumers do not communicate with each other, we have built huge infrastructures to be able to supply electricity when everyone is demanding it at once. Today, however, is a new era. IT and telecommunications have revolutionized the world. It is time they do the same with power grids. If we are able to make electric consumers to communicate with each other and with the power grid to not to consume electricity all at once, we would be able to make electricity grids much more efficient. For example, it would make sense that all the electric devices would consume electricity when there is a lot of renewable energy (wind/solar/hydro) in the grid and only the ones that humans need for comfort are turned on when we produce electricity from coal. Thanks to IT innovations, we can do that. Smart Load Solutions, for example, is creating exactly this sort of software platform for electric heaters and coolers. Since they have a huge inertia, we can shift the times that heaters/coolers consume electricity without causing any discomfort for people using them. So these devices "talk" to the grid and consume electricity when it is cheap and produced from renewable sources. Thanks to this sort of flexible consumption the cost of electricity can go down by 20% and renewable sources are much more efficiently utilized.


Together with my brothers I have created a company called Smart Load Solutions (SLS). SLS is focused on making electric consumers not just to consume electricity based on their local needs but also to take into account what is going on in the electricity grid. We are the first ones from Estonia to make electric consumers to consume electricity during the cheapest and greenest times possible without causing any discomfort for the end user. What we are focused on achieving now, is to make this solution to be wildly used in different countries and that it would start to take mass effect. How we plan to do it - we take advantage of the existing infrastructure. There are more and more smart thermostats on the market that have internet connection. We are creating software platform that can be integrated with these thermostats. So thermostats using SLS software will be even smarter then before as they will also take into account what is going on in the electricity grid. We have worked with the idea for 1,5 years and have 3 people employed to bring this to reality.