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Emma Powell

University of Bath

I am passionate about

My biggest passions are Education and Childhood.
I am currently studying for an Undergraduate Degree in Education with Psychology. The topics we have covered on the course have opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities. We have studied Children’s Rights, Education and Equality - not only in the United Kingdom but across many countries and cultures. I have completed projects on child labour, child marriage and the Education systems of many countries. Through my research I have seen how much of a difference huge organisations such as Save the Children, Anti – Slavery and the United Nations have made in these areas, but also how much remains to be done.
I wish to see further change within policies, Education standards and economic systems to aid future generations with their learning as much as possible. Much of the Education young people in developing countries are receiving is wasted if they do not have a suitable job market to go into once they have completed school. I wish to see further equality among girls and boys, so girls have a better chance of finishing school instead of leaving early due to pregnancy, demands of housework or marriage. I believe more needs to be done to protect children who work, allowing children the freedom to choose to earn their own money but not exploiting them for making that choice. Reading tales of young girl domestic labourers recently broke my heart as so many of them felt powerless and were completely unaware of the Rights this world believes they deserve. It is the children who are falling between the cracks who need urgent help.


I hope in future to be more active within these areas. I am beginning in the United Kingdom, where I am working next year at the University of Oxford as a research assistant in their department of Education. There, I will be carrying out research on literacy learning and school architecture to try and maximise the schooling experience for children here in the UK. I hope to take what I learn from this research further afield in future, possibly tackling the architecture and building spaces of schools around the world to bring the best out of every child.
I will also be researching how the home environment can affect a child's attainment. I hope to expand the ways in which people see how Education can take place in the everyday environment when engaged with correctly.
I hope by having the chance to attend the summit I will be able to be involved in more conversations regarding this topic and build up a greater understanding of the views of the Education system from all around the world.