Mina Tolu

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  • University of Malta
  • Bachelor in Communications Honours

Current organisation

Transgender Europe (TGEU)

Current role

Communications Officer

Skills and Expertise

LGBT rights
Social media

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about


In 2015, as Campaign Coordinator for BirdLife Malta, I was in charge of the management of a national-wide campaign to encourage people to turn up and vote against spring hunting in a referendum. While the referendum was lost by less than a percentage point, the campaign was successful in engaging a nation in the debate, it was clear that people understood the core messages, and were motivated to turn up to vote. Turnout stood at 75% with a 50.4% win in favour of retaining spring hunting. While previously there was a moderately active environmental movement in Malta, it is only after the referendum that others started to speak up and protest against some governmental proposals which really harmed Malta's national environment. A few months after the referendum the most successful and well attended protest on an environmental issue happened in Malta. I believe that the referendum helped spark awareness, but also hope, that when people join together behind a common cause change can happen. Although the referendum wasn't won, it was a slim enough margin, that slight possibility that inspired more people to take action. I was just one of the many working behind the scenes for the 3 months up to the referendum, but I believe that my work, along with that of the others, has helped to create this positive change, which we are only starting to witness now.