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Jemima Lovatt

University College London

I am passionate about

I am passionate about human rights and hope to become a barrister specialising in this area of the law.

As Chair of the Global Foundation for the Elimination of Domestic Violence Youth Council, I have focused on one of the gravest human rights violations facing our world today. Baroness Scotland QC established this charity which has dramatically reduced the number of reported incidents of DV which translates into a reduction in the economic costs to the UK of around £7.1 billion (research conducted by Professor Syliva Walby). Quantifying the impact on domestic violence is difficult because of the nature of the problem and this research has been ground breaking in progressing policy on the issue. This factual information attracted me to joining the Youth Council where our work is tangible and effectively measured to ensure constant progress.

In 2016 I am leading projects in South Africa and North America to eliminate domestic violence around the world. I am establishing youth councils and building an international coalition to fight domestic violence and share expertise.

I would like to broaden my exposure to human rights issues and hope to engage with charities such as Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch in the next academic year.


I founded the University of London Legal Forum in order to create an environment that welcomed students from all universities and subjects to events that would focus on complex legal issues, challenge our preconceptions and encourage innovation in how we understand the world around us. We are a law society but we also investigate the broader repercussions of legal issues for politics, economics, social issues, international relations and so much more.

The London Legal Forum is London’s first and only intercollegiate law society. In our first year, I have led the committee to organise three major Forums, lots of networking opportunities including our unique "Legally Speaking" event and socials - plus some exciting plans to finish the year in style.

Our events approach current issues, such as the Human Rights Act, devolution to Scotland and leaving the EU, from a legal perspective. These events offer students from every college and subject at the University of London the opportunity to hear from world class lawyers, debate the issues and expand their professional network.

This has certainly been a rewarding experience and the society has enjoyed a great deal of success with over 100 people attending our much-anticipated Legal Forums. I was awarded the University of London Society Shield at the Laurels Awards 2016 in recognition of the success of the Legal Forum.