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Arwa Aljaser Alghanim

Kuwait University

I am passionate about

My passion is new to me, 8 months ago i have attended Coded, the first coding academy in the middle east, where i have learned web development within two months i got to be a full stack web developer and discovered that this is what i want to do for living and build career on it.
Since then, I have been coding my own startup named Mukancom (might change it), a platform where you can list, search and book venues on demand, as well as building relation with business partners, marketing the website and building reputation in the community.
I Knew coding is my passion when i started to spend 18 hours a day to build a feature or when i woke up at 3am to write few lines of code.
It’s not a surprise to me that i went with a tech related field, i have always showed interest in the field but never took a step toward it until i joined Coded academy.
What i like about coding that you get to build something from nothing. The idea of creating a website that is tackling a problem many people are facing and help them make their life easier using laptop and internet only is exactly why i love coding.
During this short yet rich journey, i have been featured in Wamda Oct, 2015, BBC in Nov, 2015, and Nuwait in May, 2016 as a female entrepreneur. Making a name in the tech community and building a reputation as a developer, i hope i will build the next billion dollar company to help others with chasing their dreams.


On a personal level, taking the risk and quitting my day job back in 2014 was the 1st step toward creating a change.After winning the 1st place in Startup Weekend competition in Kuwait, the startup has been featured in Wamda, the largest blog in the MENA region. Proving myself in the tech world, lead me featured in a BBC article. Moreover, being qualified in the MIT EP Arab forum 2016 and getting to the finalist is another success that am very proud of which lead Nuwait, a blog held by the National Fund of SME.
Another impact will start with my startup, the idea of this startup is to help entrepreneurs to find offices, meeting rooms and coworking spaces and book it on demand in Kuwait. The idea is built on shared economy concept, this concept hasn’t applied before in the country, not in an online form and not for venues.Since the entrepreneurial eco system is blooming here and the government is encouraging youth to take the jump and be an entrepreneur, finding a place to work and build a network will be essential for them at the beginning.I know this because I have struggled with it when i first started.I worked in coffee shops then got annoyed by all the noise and non privacy and started to feel like an officeless person which make me want to build this startup even more, because before anyone else i need my own startup.With this startup am trying to tackle two problems, first is to give access to entrepreneurs and any other user to search and book places to work on demand, places they might not have thought about. Second, is to help office owners and venue holders to optimize the utilization of their space and to be able to list them in the platform, giving them the freedom to add the venue date and time availability. Whether they were during or after working hours and get a second source of income to help them with the rent.