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Fatima Zaman

I am passionate about

I am a highly motivated, disciplined and target driven individual with a passion for social justice. I am fully dedicated and committed to countering violent extremism across communities within society. I am keen to use education and policy as a mechanism to combat mainstream violent extremism, by combining the use of credible counter narratives to dispel, destroy and drown-out extremist propaganda. In order to prevent terrorism and counter violent extremism we need to do more on building resilience, raising the confidence and knowledge of individuals to equip them with the critical thinking skills and religious literacy needed to have difficult conversations and discern between extremist narratives, both online and offline. As such I am deeply passionate about the following 3 things: - 1) Education and Policy based decision making, 2) the role of gender within the processes of radicalisation; and, 3) Representing the views of the Youth in the United Kingdom.


In my current role as a CVE Advocate at the KAF, my knowledge on countering violent extremism (CVE) has come to fruition.

I lead on policy work relating to CVE advising multilareral fora on the UK’s response to preventing radicalisation in schools and young people. Specifically I have led seminars and symposiums on what the driving factors are that lead to radicalisation. I devise mechanisms on how best schools, parents and communities can inoculate young people from this threat and how we can develop counter narratives that develop critical thinking among students to build resilience. This provides me ample experience in countering extremism on a day-today basis and allows me to impact positive change in the very society that I call home.

My role sees me play an active role locally, nationally and globally, and allows me to me to launch and engage multiple initiatives to prevent extremism from the community and organisation level.