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  • Riga Technical University / Universidade Fernando Pessoa / Kaunas technology university
  • Mg.oec. - Master of Economics
  • Entrepreneurial week in Cyprus

Current organisation

Qfer - mobile marketing platform for restaurant chains

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Skills and Expertise

Data analysis
Project management

Areas of interest

Sustainable Development
Youth Unemployment

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I am passionate about

My passion is to create innovative products, that are used by thousands of people (hopefully, by millions of people in the future) in their daily life. I started creating different products since I was 11 years old and of course it was not IT products, but mainly different souvenirs representing football clubs (as I am a football fun since my childhood). Already then I realized that product creation process in the most interesting part of my day and my thoughts have not changed since then. I like the whole process of the creation - starting from the planning and team creation to launching and growing stage. I like to see how my work helped people to improve their lives or at least made some processes much easier and comfortable for them. I always try to make processes more transparent and easy and make environment more friendly. Mainly because of this part of my personality, I am involved with startups and non-government organizations trying to improve current situation in the country.


At the moment I have created 6 work places and I hope we will be able to create more and more during our expansion process. We are planning to expand to main European cities this year and Asia next year. I see that our work help particular people stay at their country and enjoy life here. By my opinion it is important to create quality jobs in the country, where 3 from 10 students leave the country after the graduation because of lack of job opportunities or because of low quality job options. I am also working in startup organization with the aim to make positive changes in startup environment within the country. Our main goal is to make Latvia a perfect starting point for any startup and then grow this business worldwide. To achieve that we work with governmental organizations to make more transparent rules and taxation system for startups, organize events to attract attention to startup culture and we try to create a pull of investors and accelerators in the country with the aim to accelerate tech industry growth.