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Mimoun Berrissoun

University of Cologne

I am passionate about

I am most passionate about challenges. They motivate me to work harder and do better. The people I like to engage with most are young people. They are active and have fresh ideas, which enables them to have an unbiased view on the world and the society, compared to the partial and fixed beliefs of some older aged people. This openness paired with our input as mentors results in youngsters who are open to change and want to revolutionize their world.
Together with them, I work at 180 degrees turn (180 Grad Wende), which combines all my passions. There, I spend many hours every day to keep the good work going. I am convinced that civic peer-to-peer radicalization prevention work in particular and social work in general is most beneficial for our society and the world. The positive results and feedback that we receive keep me motivated, interested and energized through my routine.
180 degrees turn is this kind of challenge to me, because I always try to improve the work we do and to develop new projects and ideas. My focus is on the future and I intend to expand the idea to other parts of the world. Especially in my role as an extremelytogether Kofi Annan Young Leader.


180 degrees turn (180 Grad Wende) and I as its initiator have worked in Germany, especially in North Rhine-Westphalia, since 2012 in the field of the prevention of problems such as radicalization, criminality and social isolation. We have built a big community of more than 200 multipliers and 24 coaches and mentors that is steadily growing. Our practical training courses have given youths opportunities to feel the benefits of social engagement and act as social reformers within their own social communities.
Our consultation center has provided more than 1300 desperate men and women, young and old, with help when they needed it most. Together, we solve problems rather than simply pointing them out.
For that, we have been awarded multiple times by federal ministries and non-governmental institutions. Among these prizes are one by the Ministry of the Interior in 2012 for our "Especially Innovative Idea" and one by startsocial which we received personally from Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The support for our work among the community is very strong, and day by day we gain new allies and supporters in Germany and the world.
In summary, our organization which I am a central part of has created positive change by directly solving existing problems and by empowering young men and women to get educated and act on their own. Through these programs, we have achieved and are still aspiring to achieve more positive change in our communities, countries and the individual different organizations that we are parts of. The key to success is to find the common win-win-situation, and that we have achieved with 180 degrees turn.