Rafael Angelo

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  • University of Sao Paulo
  • Engineer

Current organisation

Siemens - Power Generation Services

Current role

Project Manager

Skills and Expertise

Event planning
Project management

Areas of interest

Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about


When I was at University, I started doing philanthropic activities in an asylum. After that, I have never stopped looking for things that I could do for the society. In the previous company I worked, I joined a volunteer program in which I taught English for poor children aged from 8 to 11 years old in a non-governmental organization. When I started working for Siemens, I volunteered to be part of the fire brigade. Last year, I left it and joined the Green Team Brazil program. I am the leader of the group responsible for promoting sustainable and environmental awareness among the schools in the region. Last year we performed a healthy competition in a school in which all activities were related to environmental awareness. We had a lot of fun! Together with my girlfriend, we have the plan to once a month join a phylantropic initiative in our city. This month, for exemple, we are going to provide food for needy and homeless people. Twice a year there is a big event called (Dream Day) with poor children in which we provide a lot of love, care and fun to them.