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Enass Abo-Hamed

University of Cambridge and Hebrew University of Jerusalem

I am passionate about

Enass is passionate and committed to contributing to the battle against climate change through utilising innovation and science at the cutting edge. She also advocates for issues like: women entrepreneurs in science and technology, action for climate change, energy security and the hydrogen economy. She has participated in a few high level roundtable discussions and gave a number of plenary speeches speaking up about the future of disruptive clean technologies as a tool to combat climate change. She won a few recognition awards for her work so far and in 2015, she was selected as one of eighteen women in the world, and, one of only three women entrepreneurs to represent continental Europe for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards. Enass will address the [email protected] event in brussels in September talking to policy makers about the integration of clean technology in future smart cities. She is an expert contributor to the European Energy Transition project that will bring suggestions to high-level policy makers in Brussels. Enass was also invited by the Horizon 2020-European Commission Committee as an expert to evaluate proposals for novel ideas for radically new technologies across Europe.

In her lifetime, Enass aspires to see a greener and better protected planet from our pollution and man-made emissions before we hand it in to the next generation. The responsibility to do her part in solving issues like: energy poverty, pollution and immigration prevention is what keeps her awake at night.


Enass has founded a cleantech company (H2GO Power Ltd.) and started leading an international team of professionals and graduate students at the age of 28. Her deep belief in the imperative role of technology to achieving best results to combat climate-change have manifested through her inventions, publications and her social commitment to raise awareness around climate action. Her research findings in nanotechnology, clean energy production and storage have enabled her to tackle arduous issues, such as the development and utilisations of smart `sponge-like’ materials for safe generation and storage of Hydrogen. The work she is doing as an entrepreneur and a researcher has the potential to support establishing the hydrogen economy. So far, the impact of her work attracted the interest of renowned companies such as Renault-Nissan, Intelligent Energy, Google, SABIC, Magna and BP. Enass have contributed to a clean energy workshop in South Africa. She has designed a pilot project to utilise her invented technology to serve helping sub-saharan African countries have continuous access to clean and affordable electricity in hospitals.