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Syed Ali Abbas

Lund University, Sweden

I am passionate about

I am most passionate about the potential of internet, impact of social activism, efficacy of music and arts, effect of culture and need for meaningful conflict mediation to fundamentally transform the way we, humans, organize ourselves in the 21st century. I have developed great interest in academic perspectives of how societies are evolving, why they are in conflict and what can be done to mitigate hate, fear and insecurity in the contemporary world. I am incensed with social innovation as a means for this transformation and am currently engaged in all of these things at different levels. I believe we can build a better world and we should not be satisfied with how things are with growing gaps between social classes, wars, human rights breaches and systematic persecution of marginalized peoples. I think integration and collectiveness should be promoted instead of misrepresentation, exclusivity and self-centered approaches to solving problems that we face today. To re-invent a better world, we need to be able to imagine better and that imagination will require critical disposition of current systems and paradigms


I have worked in the the social-development sector of Pakistan for the last 09 years. During this time, I founded three organizations that are on the forefront of civic education, countering extremism, democracy and social innovation in Pakistan. All of these organizations have reached out to millions of people and impacted 40+ communities in the country over time. In fact, we consider ourselves to be the pioneers of new generation civil society activism in Pakistan. From protests against dictatorship, to movements against extremism, to seminars, workshops, international conferences, social impact accelerator programs, music and arts for social change to research, policy recommendations and interventions in the communities- we have done it all. We boast a huge following and existing chapters in 40 cities of Pakistan. So, I would say I have enabled a lot of positive social change in Pakistan. I recently founded a youth-centric resource center dedicated to research, resource development and social innovation to counter hateful narratives in Pakistan also.