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Yavor Nikolov

University of Tuebingen, Germany

I am passionate about

I am passionate about motivating people around me to engage in improving the world we live in, no matter in which way or on which scale. The topics that in my view have the biggest social impact are: a) inclusive economic development (thus reducing poverty) and b) quality education. In my view, without education, people have limited ability to change their lives and the lives of others around them; with extreme poverty, there is no way to sustainably increase the quality of education.
In fostering inclusive economic development, the collaboration between business, government and educational institutions plays a crucial role. Businesses are the driver. They need a leadership culture based on strong values, establish decent working conditions and clearly communicate what is it that makes them successful and how can their employees, the government and the educational institutions contribute to their success. In turn, the latter need to be open, collaborative and flexible to provide what is needed, especially quality education.


In my current role as commercial head of Siemens’ largest factory in Mexico, I am championing our corporate social responsibility strategy. We focus on education of disadvantaged children from the community around our factory, where most of our 1500 employees come from. At the same time, we support the continuing education of these children’s parents, offering scholarships and infrastructure within the factory for high school and university degrees, in a cooperation with Mexico’s largest online university. We also support our employees with health education (e.g. family planning, pregnancy, breast cancer, etc.), free check-ups and consultations at the factory. In July 2016, we will launch a continent-wide cooperation between Siemens and United Way, in order to expand our social impact beyond our local community.
From October 2016, I will be moving to a new role as general manager of a Siemens factory in Shanghai, China. I will continue supporting social initiatives, hopefully complemented with fresh ideas from the One Young World community.
One day, I would like to apply my experience towards changing the social and political landscape of my home country Bulgaria, a country with enormous potential. I am convinced that the global network of One Young World will be of great help towards this long-term goal.