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Petrider Paul

The University of Dodoma - Tanzania

I am passionate about

I am passionate about education and believe girls are undervalued from birth, and regrets that traditions in Tanzania often mean that girls and women are undermined , I am on the mission on ending Gender -based violence in the community and my goal is to work for girls’ rights until gender equality is reached. As ambitious as it may sound, gender-based violence can be ended. It may take baby steps but with collective common vision this can be achieved.

I have been advocating for girls rights to end child marriage this is important to me because I want to encourage girls to claim their own rights, and I want to lead the way by setting an example for other girls.Ending child marriage is also important for our communities because we need to promote space where girls can develop to their full potential and stop being devalued.

Most women under go physical sexual assaults this deprives a girls or woman ability to have self confidence about herself it creates a sense of minority context and a girl faces obstacles of achieving full educational requirements also such acts are attributed by tradition beliefs and customs that undermine girls hence this made me want to make change happen and demystify the mis-conceptions that young women cannot be leaders or do entrepreneurship especially those with disabilities and affected with HIV/AIDS,that's why within my work we conduct income generating activities to young women on soap-making, batick making , small scale agriculture farming to sell the produce so as they can be able to have a better living standard also through creating more platforms for girls to have Quality Education , since education is still not accessible to all due to poverty reasons.


I have helped to create positive change in my community by letting other young girls lead on calling actions to protect their rights from rape culture , child forced marriage and female genital mutilation in the rural parts of Tanzania and East Africa through championing for change and training young girls in the community who are survivors of female genital mutilation and other forms of gender based violence to engage in income generating activities such as small scale agriculture , batick (African Fabric) making , soap making and other entrepreneurial activities to enable them to sustain their basic needs and working with decision makers from local level to the national level ,having Co-founded Youth For Change Tanzania, a partnership of youth striving to end gender-based violence against young girls, especially FGM and child marriage by working in rural communities to educate young girls, traditional and religious leaders and influence policy makers and decision makers on girls’ rights, this was the opportunity to make my work to be seen internationally through meetings such as the African Girls Summit in Zambia .

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