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Amanda Bernardo

Carleton University

I am passionate about

I am most passionate about public policy and philanthropy. I currently work as a Policy Analyst with Parks Canada where I am able to deliver policy and program initiatives that work towards protecting and presenting nationally significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage. In dong so, I am able to foster public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment in ways that ensure the ecological and commemorative integrity of these places for present and future generations. By attending OYW, I hope to motivate the next generation of young leaders to protect, conserve and establish new protected areas within Canada and the world for the benefit of wildlife, habitat and biodiversity conservation, but also for humanity. Together, we can improve our world and environment. When I am not working as a Policy Analyst, I am a passionate volunteer who works closely with my community to support local causes and initiatives. I am particularly passionate about Alzheimer's research and have worked closely with the Alzheimer Society of Canada and Ottawa and Renfrew County to support the essential programs and services that work to effectively alleviate the personal and social consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias within my community. My fundraising efforts have also enabled me to work with CHEO, Proud to be Me, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Children's Wish Foundation, the Ottawa Network for Education, the Ottawa Food Bank and the Canadian Cancer Society. Volunteering has always been a huge part of my life; it has been a means for me to advocate on behalf of causes I believe in, to fundraise in an effort to extend the support needed, and to create awareness wherever possible. As a community builder, I believe that it is not only important to give back but also to inspire the next generation to go out and do the same! Together, there is no telling what we can accomplish!


In December 2014, I self-published my first children's book Little Voice. The Little Voice book promotes a message that reminds children and adults alike to be proud of who they are and inspired to chase their dreams. When creating Little Voice, I also realized I was creating a platform where my voice could be heard and where, more importantly, my actions could make a difference in the lives of those living in my community and ... one day the world.

After officially launching Little Voice, I soon set out to create the Little Voice Forget Me Not Project, a project that donates a portion of every book sale to the Alzheimer Society of Canada. To date, Little Voice has donated close to $7000 dollars and has been recognized by eTALk, Starbucks Canada and the Governor General for our fundraising efforts.

More recently, in July 2016, Little Voice launched the Little Voice Movement that enables anyone from across Canada to sign-up and become an Ambassador. How the program works is similar to your favourite chocolate drive you may recall taking part in as a child. Rather than encouraging our youth to sell future cavities, we encourage them to sell inspiration with help from the Little Voice book.

With every book sold, Little Voice donates $5 from every sale to support the Ambassador's movement. Ambassadors can create a movement based on three platforms: 1) for their school (where a donation would be made directly to support a school/classroom), 2) for their community (where a donation would be made directly to a charity, community cause, or support of an individual/group in need), and 3) for the Ambassador's future (where a donation would be made directly in support of a child's RESP).

The impact of Little Voice extends beyond your typical children's book. It is a movement that inspires ideas and empowers communities; it is a platform that fundraises and gives back; and is a reminder to us all to always listen to our little voice and dream big!