David Rupa

Country representing

Papua New Guinea


Pidgin English


  • University of Papua New Guinea
  • Bachelor of Science (yet to graduate)
  • Leadership Trainings, Human Rights Trainings, Human Resource Trainings, Peer Education Trainings, Evidence Based Policies Training.

Current organisation

Commonwealth Youth Council

Current role

Representative for Special Interest Groups

Skills and Expertise

Social work

Areas of interest

Human Rights

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I am passionate about

I am very passionate about Human Rights and engaged in the field work of Human Rights Activism and Advocacy. The reason why my passion lies in this area is because everyday we live and breathe Human Rights. They are the key component to the survival of humans no matter how rich or poor one can become, whatever race you are, which ever language you speak or wherever you live. The reason why the world is debating on every issue despite it be of economic, social, environmental or political it has got to do with Human Rights at the end of the day. The reason why there is chaos is because there is inequality and violations of Human Rights. As I have briefly said "Human Rights are cross cutting", For example; I come from the Pacific Island, Papua New Guinea, which is the first country to have climate refugees from the Cartaret Island which is sinking. The world may view climate change as an environmental issue but for my countrymen it is a human right issue. Their right to life and to have a home is deprived. Health can be a social issue however the people we are concerned to be are humans, so it is still a Human right. Unemployment, Health, Asylum seekers and etc. are not only political, economical and political issues, they are tied down to Human Rights. If we all strive everyday to ensure that every human being's rights are respected and are equally valued then today we shouldn't be repetitive about discussing the same all issues.


For the past 8 years of my voluntary experience, I hosted a Radio/TV Program through financial assistance from the United Nations Population Fund for Youth and Adolescents' Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights on National Radio at age 17. Through the talk-back show I engaged more than 3 million listeners to talk about sexual education and social issues related publicly. Topics covered were Teenage and Unwanted Pregnancy, Child Marriage, Child Labour, HIV/AIDS, Cervical Cancer, Gender Based Violence. This changed the mindset of seeing sex education as a taboo but a responsibility for everyone. This lead me to speak to parliamentary members lobbying to fund for Sexual Health Programs in their provinces at the PNG Parliamentary Forum on Population and Sustainable Development. All this was done under voluntary basis. I also have trained Youths from ages 15-29 on Sexual Reproductive Health, Human Rights, Alcohol and Substance Abuse in Primary Schools, High Schools, Rural Communities and Urban Settlements in Port Moresby. I volunteered as a Peer Educator with PNG National YWCA trained 68 young women and 36 young men on Women's Rights, Domestic Violence, Public Speaking, Sexual reproductive Health and Traditions and Cultures that Place Value in Women. In my capacity as an executive of the Commonwealth Youth Council- Representative for Special Interest Groups, I have aided the establishment of the Commonwealth Youth Human Rights and Democracy Network, Commonwealth Youth Health Network and I'm a member of the Commonwealth Gender Equality Network and the Royal Commonwealth Society. This platforms are at the Pan-Commonwealth level representing 1.2 billion youth between 15-29 in the 53 Commonwealth countries.