Ivan Nosov

Country representing

Russian Federation




  • Moscow State Automobile & Road University
  • bachelor

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Current role

Total Rewards Manager for Russia, Ukraine, CIS

Skills and Expertise

Data analysis
Human resources
Information technology

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One of my recent appointments was to manage Wellness agenda for Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa sector in PepsiCo. This task initially looked challenging, but me and my supervisor first bought out the support from HR leadership team by presenting the agenda, tying local and global initiatives, then I've been able to build the network of Healthy Living champions from all the countries which is the key enabler of the change, The next step was to setup working mechanism of information flows with two directions - top-down and bottom-up. Top-down was to provide communication materials and best practices from the global center of expertise to be applied on locations Bottom-up was to recognize the best practice, reward the initiatives and fuel them from the global level One of the notable Europe level achievements was to build partnership with Communication team, we had a lot of talks with Comms Director and now we have plans to create series of wellness living letters from top executives on how they approach healthy living. This series will start with the very top - CEO for PepsiCo ESSA and his approach to diet in daily life It was only ~6 months I've been involved in agenda, but there is already a siginifcant change reported by my superiors and I am really looking forward on how this will shape