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Guled Ibrahim

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Mitchell Hamline School of Law, BPP University Business School; University of Queensland - Australia
Community Building

I am passionate about

My passion is to see a more peaceful and prosperous world for all humanity. For me, a career in peace is not about a job prospect, but my passion in life. As a refugee who grew-up with a life that required a constant moving to avoid conflicts in the Horn of Africa, I know the value of peace. Today, my dream is to be a peace soldier, because the need of passionate peace builders has never been greater. The moment that informed and confirmed my interest on being part of global conflict resolutions was a spring break trip to New York City and Washington, DC with World Without Genocide. This trip allowed me to interact and engage with delegations from human rights organizations and NGOs that are on the forefront of finding peaceful resolutions to the many conflicts in the developing world. My dream is to help others through public service and to be involved in global conflict resolution.


Some of the positive changes I participated in my community have been working with the youth in my community by mentoring them and helping them aspire to be forward thinking young leaders who lead the change they want to see in the world. I have been pursuing higher education the past 8 years and I have discovered the value of a mentor every step of the way. I sit on the United Nations Association of Minnesota's Board of Directors and part of the GEN UN Committee. We aim to get the youth to get involve to learn more about the positive things the UN is doing around the world and teach them to become advocates for the UN in their own community. I am part of Somali American Bar Association, which aims to mentor and help immigrant, first generation college student, and lo income students aspire to become lawyers and help their communities. In addition, I hope to combine my legal education and Rotary Peace Fellowship to get involve with peace and conflict resolution efforts in Africa and become a mediator without a border. Diplomacy, peace-building, and respect for the rule of law are three areas where I want to be involve and lead the change as both a Rotary Peace Fellow and One Young World Ambassador in the coming years.