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Chiara Lisowski

University of Birmingham, UK

I am passionate about

I grew up with an Italian mum and Polish dad. I’ve lived and worked in India, Italy and Brazil and travelled to many countries in between - I love experiencing new cultures, new foods, and understanding how people live. From a young age i've loved music and music making - as an adult I love to use music as a way of bringing people together.

I’ve come to understand the importance of change in every aspect of our lives. It’s a constant which means we need to be fluid and evolving to be able deal with all the challenges that come at us. I passionately live by these values in my personal and professional life.

When I was 18 I went to India to volunteer on my own as a music teacher in a girls’ school, which advocated the importance of girls’ education in a society not traditionally easy for women to thrive in. I then lived in Brazil over two different extended periods of time. In both countries I was exposed to the strong disparity of poor and rich but also to the place of women in society; the double standards and contradictory expectations. I've always been sensitive to fairness, equality and inclusion, so living these experiences has really opened my eyes.

I am particularly passionate about empowering girls and women, and ending domestic abuse. I strive for equality and i'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe is right.

As clichéd as it may sound, I love life. I’m a firm believer that good people have the power to make a difference in small, everyday ways.


I consider myself quite sensitive to the needs of others; I want everyone to feel included, valued and listened to. Above all, I believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

At work, I set up a choir as well with the aim to bring colleagues together to learn new skills, help with stress and enjoy themselves in a recreational way. I also worked closely with my husband (who I am so fortunate to work with!) to produce a short film promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the company I work for. As part of my involvement with Diversity and Inclusion, I am part of a global working group for Millennials and Beyond (CLIMB), which aims to open dialogue and understanding between different generations and cultures within the workplace. I help to organise on-site events and am the communications lead for our 'Chapter'.

In my home town i'm a volunteer for Chester Women's Aid, and am often asked to sing at small charity events for our local Neurotherapy Center. I'm also the assistant musical director for a large women’s community choir which meets on a weekly basis.

Since Ottawa I've been part of a OYW Working Group to raise awareness about domestic abuse. Together we created a business case to present to employers encouraging them to have a domestic abuse policy in place, which was presented at the European Caucus in London in November 2017. I'm currently embarking on my biggest challenge yet: to create a small documentary about Domestic Abuse.