Hani AL Moulia

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Syrian Arab Republic




  • University of Regina

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University of Regina

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2014- worked in Lebanon for UNICEF. I created with my friends, a multi arts course. We were teaching Syrian children in a refugee camp drama, music, photography, and English as well as math and science classes for those unable to attend school in Lebanon. I was responsible to instruct drama and photography classes. Classes ran for 6 days a week, 5 hours a day. We performed in many camps in Lebanon to large audiences, often 5,000 people. This has all been documented by our team of instructors to show the kids and their parents what they had done and to give them a sense of accomplishment. These arts classes gave the children confidence. Had we not offered basic education classes these children would not have been educated while in the camp. -currently continuing to volunteer to teach Syrian refugee children here in Canada. Classes involve drama and photography and run on Saturdays for 4 hours. These classes are intended to boost their confidence and help them adjust to their new community. - documented my life as a Syrian refugee (3 years) to tell true stories about life in a refugee camp. I wanted to show the whole world, through my arts, that life continues. I want to inform people about how difficult life is in a camp. - I have worked with KAFA Organization to instruct Syrian families in camps about their rights. I was responsible to educate people about their health . Areas of focus included family violence,exploitation and trafficking of women and child protection.