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Safaath Ahmed Zahir

I am passionate about

My passion is “empowerment”, to empower my community towards attaining inclusive growth. I am in particular, passionate about empowering women in leadership. It is more than passion per say, it gives meaning to my life and is a part of who I am! I firmly believe that the Maldivian economy, let alone the global economy will not thrive without the empowerment of women and that human capital is collectively pivotal. In developing countries such as the Maldives women are expected to only have a one dimensional life which consists of mainly “family responsibilities.” These factors greatly influenced me to work towards empowering women in decision making roles and in leadership. I am also positive that gender equality is the antidote to prosper our global economy together and to mitigate ourselves from unwanted economic and financial crises.
On a separate note, “democracy” holds a very special place in my heart and I am passionate about the development of free and democratic societies. When the Maldives elected our first democratically elected president it was like the dawn of a new era (it was sort of like a revolution!) and it gave a new soul to every hopeful citizen in our country. I passionately believe that democracy; it empowers people, it empowers me to be a good leader and to stand up for what’s right! I care about free speech, care to vote to express my passion and care about having a greater stake in the development and peace of my own community.


I made the decision to work towards the economic empowerment of women and to empower women in leadership. I believe that the Maldivian economy, let alone the global economy will not thrive without the empowerment of women. I assisted in the creation of an NGO named Women On Boards in the Maldives, the first ever NGO to advocate for this cause. Our work till today has enabled broader female participation in the economy throughout the country. We have also influenced the government to encourage more female participation in the country’s economy. Seeing this happen has made me realize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they are given an opportunity. The birth of this NGO gave a new momentum to unleash the economic power of Women in the Maldives.
Today, along with the many experiences and resources I gathered amidst my fight to reduce inequality, I intend to take my ambition a bit further by undertaking political leadership. I believe in a better tomorrow, a better brighter Maldives built upon the backbone of equality and where development seemingly is endless. We the ordinary are the leaders of tomorrow and I have faith that with our vision of compassion and passion to make our world a better place for all of us we can make things happen for all of us. My future and my hope is my nation!