Aminka Belvitt

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  • University of Ottawa, Concordia University
  • Bachelor Degree

Current organisation

Adapt2me, ForUsGirls, Girls Action Foundation

Current role

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Skills and Expertise

Public policy
Social entrepreneurship
Social work
Strategic planning
Women’s rights

Areas of interest

Peace and Conflict
Sustainable Development

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I am passionate about

I'm most passionate about technology and digital trends in the way they enrich and change people's live. Within the scope of technology and digital trends, I'm concerned with the opportunities available to women and girls, especially, women of colour. The experiences of women and girls of colour in both the developing and the developed world are different from the mainstream experience. It is important women of colour are given equal access and opportunities to further their dreams, fulfil their potential and contribute to society and the global community. The investment, research and implementation of technology can impact a plurality of global issues that transcend previous approaches to similar issues. I'm excited for the exciting time we currently live in. I was born in Jamaica, to a what can be considered a poor family. My mother, as a child did not have the opportunity to attend school and further her education. She was a young mother and a young wife. These life events altered her youth and her 20s. The lack of opportunities available to her, as a poor, woman growing up in Jamaica motivates and inspires me, to take full advantage of the opportunities available to me, here in Canada. I use my voice and privilege to advocate for equal opportunities for all girls. Her life story pushes me to break through both racial and gender barriers that I face in life.


Yes, I'm one of the founding members of The Canadian Black History Month Gala that has now partnered with TD Bank and the Mandela Legacy in Ottawa, Canada. Through this gala, we the founding members started with the goal and objective to highlight everyday heroes who fight against racism and provide opportunities for the black community in Canda through giving back or living examples of Black Excellence through their life's work. In working with other organisations, Equal Voice and Girls Action Foundation. With Equal Voice, I worked to highlight the gender imbalance that exists in Canada politics while promoting and encouraging female candidates to be elected to public office. Since moving to Montreal Ive been working with Girls Action Foundation to promote healthy self-esteem and leadership skills with young girls aged 13-17. Through this supportive network of girls groups, I founded my own community initiative, ForUsGirls to develop similar skills with a focus on marginalized girls. We are committed to the acceptance, celebration and development of: unique, fierce and daring young women. In addition, to my work with ForUsGirls and Girls Action Foundation I'm the founder of the: Modern Day Feminism in a Beyonce World conference. This conference is a peer-to-peer conference tackling current topics within the work of feminism. It infuses pop culture as a refernce point and an inspiration to new discussions of gender inequality.