Promoting Leadership

Creating a sustainable, equitable and peaceful future calls for empowering a generation of effective, inspirational and effective leaders. This objective is at the heart of all of One Young World’s activities but drives the annual One Young World Leadership Awards in particular. Through these awards, One Young World identifies and accelerates extraordinary leadership across a range of vital sectors, helping to bring greater attention to impactful individuals who are leading by example in their countries, communities and organisations.

Politician of the Year Award

Politician of Year Winners 2019

Fewer than two percent of Members of Parliament globally are under the age of 35 and almost 30 percent of the world’s parliaments have no members under that age.

One Young World’s Politician of the Year Award was been created to recognise the 5 most promising young politicians between the age of 18 and 35 years old from around the world who are having the greatest impact in their home countries and communities and have been using their position to benefit young people.

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Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019

At the heart of every start-up or enterprise is the drive to solve the problem. One Young World believes that the next generation of young entrepreneurs are here to do more than create the next convenient solution - they are here to take on the world’s major challenges.

The One Young World Entrepreneur Award highlights the work of revolutionary young business leaders whose enterprises are shaping the world around them and inspiring others to launch their own ventures.

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Journalist of the Year Award

Journalist of the Year Award


In an age of mass information and misinformation, the role of journalists is more important than ever. Our societies rely on the core values of journalism - truthfulness and objectivity- to stay informed and shape opinions.

The One Young World Journalist of the Year Award highlights the work of young journalists who are fearlessly covering the truth, changing the way stories are reported, and empowering others by giving them a voice.

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Mary Robinson Climate Justice Award

Mary Robinson with 2019 Award Winners


The impact of climate change are being felt right now by millions around the world and those most affected are those least responsible for its causes and most vulnerable.

Inspired by the leadership of Mary Robinson, One Young World’s Mary Robinson Climate Justice Award recognises and supports young leaders whose work safeguards the rights of those most vulnerable to climate change.