Flavia Munteanu


Flavia is a Delegate Speaker for the 2015 Leadership and Government Plenary Session. 

In 2014, Flavia worked in the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Moldova and assisted with the implementation of reforms at baccalaureate level. The country is facing corruption and nepotism, as well as a complex net of bureaucratic impediments, resulting in the majority of high school students becoming disillusioned with their career prospects. Flavia studied in the UK and was able to compare the two educational systems. She gave the Minister of Education her recommendations, which led to a series of teacher trainings, aimed at improving the standard of education in Moldova. She also worked as a Project Assistant in the Eurasia Department of Open Society Foundations in London, which gave her a platform to communicate with individuals and organisations interested in the region. Flavia thinks her most important work is as Director of the New East Platform, through which she can target the community of writers in the Eastern Europe, many of whom are disillusioned with the system and have no scope to express themselves. New East Platform has provided aspiring journalists with a means of free expression, through which positive change has been generated both locally and internationally. NEP collaborates with 150 writers from all over the world, and has an estimated audience of 20,000 readers.