Counsellors & Speakers 2017

Recognised leaders of integrity from around the world, the One Young World Counsellors lend their global stature to the delegate’s views and inspire them to create positive change.

Reporter for Quartz
Aldo Christiano
Director of Global Sourcing Raw Materials and Head of Sustainability at Ferrero
Entrepreneur & Founder, Epic Foundation
President and CEO, Grupo Telefónica, Colombia
High Commissioner for Peace and Victims, Colombia
Actress & Activist
Director Employee Engagement, Johnson & Johnson Global Community Impact, EMEA
Chief Executive Officer, Barry Callebaut AG
Chief Operating Officer, Thomson Reuters Foundation
Senior Vice President of Americas Sales at Fossil Group
Managing Director: AMLA Consulting Group, Former Minister of the Secretariat during the Presidency of Carlos Andrés Pérez (Venezuela)
National Coordinator, Fair Trade Campaigns at Fair Trade USA