21 Ambassador initiatives you need to know about this month

In an effort to further share the incredible work of the OYW Ambassador community, we’ve launched our monthly list of top projects you need to know about.

The OYW network is all about collaboration - so please get in touch if you’re interested in learning more or joining forces with any of the Ambassadors listed. Remember, if you log into your OYW profile, you can email them directly via the messaging button. Just go to their OYW profile and you'll find the button located on the bottom left. You must be logged in to do this.

Daily Roundup: top moments from #OYW2018, Day 2

Day two of the One Young World Summit kicked off today with inspiring sessions on human rights issues, ranging from the refugee crisis to standing against sexual violence. Check out the  top 10 moments from today’s discussions.

1. Bob Geldof challenges delegates to create a new world

To help solve issues impacting today’s world around the environment, human rights, health, poverty and politics, the next generation must take action, urged Bob Geldof.

Hollywood actress & activist Rosario Dawson and business partner Abrima Erwiah to attend #OYW2018

The Hollywood actor, social entrepreneur and activist Rosario Dawson is to become a One Young World Counsellor and will address delegates at the upcoming 2018 Summit in The Hague. She’ll be joined by Abrima Erwiah, with whom she co-founded the Studio One Eighty Nine social enterprise.

Akon to attend #OYW2018 and launch #TeamAkon

Akon, the first music artist ever to hold down the top two places on the Billboard Top 100, is coming to One Young World Summit 2018.

Not content with being a triple-Platinum selling recording artist and Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, Akon, who was born in the United States but spent much of his childhood in Senegal, has in recent years turned his attention to improving energy supplies and business opportunities in Africa.