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The Ambassador behind the global campaign #CaawiWalaal to relieve famine in Somalia

Caawi Walaal means “brother/sister help” in Somali and is the name of a remarkable youth volunteer movement that has delivered more than US$18,000 in aid to victims of the famine currently ravaging large parts of Somalia.

The project is rooted in social media and recognisable by its #CaawiWalaal hashtag but its achievements on the ground are very real, such as the recent provision of vital water trucks over a 30-day period to three camps in the stricken region of Baidoa.

5 young leaders who are combatting water scarcity

Today is World Water Day, an international day which aims to raise awareness about the lack of access to clean drinking water around the globe. Water scarcity is still one of the most pressing global issues: 1.8 billion people use drinking water that has been contaminated with faeces - putting them at risk of contracting deadly diseases such as cholera - and today more people have a phone than access to clean drinking water.

Leading climate action at COP22


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The Marshall Islands are on the brink of disappearance, and widespread pollution is contributing to the detriment of the marine ecosystem which Marshallese people, like Bryant Zebedy, live on. The One Young World Ambassador of the week, Bryant Zebedy, is currently representing his country at the 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP22) in Marrakech.