Refugee Crisis

A Guide to Peacebuilding

Noam Shuster-Eliassi, 29, grew up in Neve Shalom - Wahat al-Salam (Oasis of Peace), an Arab-Israeli village dedicated to promoting peace and co-existence. A fluent Arabic speaker, she is the daughter of an Iranian mother and a Holocaust survivor from Romania. She has dedicated herself to peacebuilding and has worked since 2012 with the international organisation Interpeace, where she is coordinator of the Base for Discussion program. She was a delegate speaker on peace, security and conflict resolution at One Young World’s Summits in Dublin (2014) and Bangkok (2015).

Young leaders make themselves heard at Davos

Global young leaders addressed the political and business elite at this year’s World Economic Forum and set out their own vision for responsive and responsible leadership.

Ambassadors from One Young World called on delegates at the forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week to pay greater attention to issues affecting young people, making a series of passionate contributions to WEFLIVE, the online platform operated by WEF’s communication partner KPMG.

They included:

Filmmaker awarded top humanitarian award for work with women and refugees

A huge congratulations goes to Ambassador Begonia Randhav for being awarded the International Humanitarian Platinum Award. The award recognises those who dedicate their lives to the betterment of humanity. Begonia won the award for her work with women and refugees, and for directing, starring in and producing the film 'The way home'.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to attend One Young World 2016

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One Young World is honoured to announce that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will join us at the One Young World Summit 2016 in Ottawa. 

Prime Minister Trudeau is an exemplary leader who represents inclusivity, transparency and openness. An admired figure in international politics, he serves as a model of inspiration for One Young World delegates who drive change in their respective countries. His progressive policies, including his active role in solving the global refugee and migrant crisis, are admired across the globe.

Daily Roundup: top moments from #OYW2018, Day 3

One Young World is in full swing. Today marked day three of the Summit, with sessions centered around education and poverty. Here are the top ten moments of the day:

1. Internet access reduces the education gap

With 800 million people around the world unable to read and write, there’s a desperate need for a literacy revolution. Several delegate speakers shared how they’re creating alternative educational opportunities by connecting their communities to the power of the internet.