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I'm a progressive Venezuelan American. Disliking Trump doesn't mean I will support Maduro.

Originally published by USA Today

I called my grandmother recently to check up on her. She lives in Caracas, Venezuela, and I was anxious to see how she was holding up. It was a Friday, the eve of another protest called for by interim President Juan Guaidó. Was it the sixth protest? Or the seventh? In the five months of heightened tension and crisis in Venezuela, I’ve lost count. 

21 Ambassador initiatives you need to know about this month

In an effort to further share the incredible work of the OYW Ambassador community, we’ve launched our monthly list of top projects you need to know about.

The OYW network is all about collaboration - so please get in touch if you’re interested in learning more or joining forces with any of the Ambassadors listed. Remember, if you log into your OYW profile, you can email them directly via the messaging button. Just go to their OYW profile and you'll find the button located on the bottom left. You must be logged in to do this.

SDGs: Where Do Human Rights Fit In? #OYW2018 Plenary Session Roundup

As the International City of Peace and Justice, The Hague is home to the International Criminal Court (ICC). With over 120 signatories, the ICC is one of the few global bodies holding governments accountable for their actions.

Yet according to Amnesty International “the world witnessed a rollback of human rights” in 2017. It stated that “women’s rights took a nosedive” in many countries, while there was a simultaneous rise in xenophobia and discrimination towards minority groups.

Kompass and Cordaid support 5 human rights campaigners to speak at #OYW2018

Civil rights organisation Kompass and development organisation Cordaid have supported 5 young leaders to speak at the One Young World 2018 Summit in The Hague. These five young leaders are working to improve human rights, delivering high impact initiatives across The Netherlands. They will speak about their work and experiences, sharing a stage with influential campaigners including Terry Crews and Naomi Campbell.