What is Home?

Wandile is a One Young World Ambassador and Founder & CEO of Ubuntu Design Group, a company that exists to solve architectural design and financial inclusion problems of low-income communities around the world.

The pattern of my life revolves around the question: “What is home?”.

The 2 greatest secrets to success & leadership according to Kenny Imafidon

Kenny is a One Young World Ambassador from the UK. He is the co-founder and Director at ClearView Research. 

1. Gratitude

In Western society we are great at complaining. But it’s usually about First World problems like: ‘my phone has broken’ or ‘I’ve got a bad connection to the Internet’ or ‘The train is a few minutes delayed.’

In the face of economic hardship, this teacher is transforming her local community

Recent tensions in US politics have resulted in a renewed focus on how the economic decline of the nation’s central industrial heartlands might have left a section of the population feeling forgotten and left behind.

Jackson, Michigan, lies at the heart of this region, known as the Rust Belt, and One Young World Ambassador Angela Edward, who lives and was raised in the city, is working to improve its children’s life opportunities and their sense of connection with the wider world.

I'm from one of Belize's poorest districts - This is what I'm doing to support my community

My name is Juan Bol, a Maya youth from Toledo, Belize, the southernmost region in the country. Belize is a country with one of the highest indices of poverty in the world. The poverty rate is highest in the Toledo district, which includes a sizeable population of indigenous subsistence farming families, mine included. This indigenous subset alone accounts for 40% of the nation’s poor (The Caribbean Development Bank Poverty Assessment Report, 2012).

Why you must listen to Global GoalsCast's new episode

Global GoalsCast's latest episode examines trust, which is, "the dark matter" of society, invisible yet essential to accomplishing great, coordinated change - of course, particularly related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From good health and well-being to reducing inequality, achieving the SDGs requires massive cooperation between all major stakeholders.  But how is this possible in an era of mistrust?

This is how this OYW Ambassador is serving millions of meals in India

It was the sight of wasted food at a celebrity wedding that first motivated One Young World (OYW) Ambassador Ankit Kawatra to quit his corporate job and set up a non-profit organisation to fight hunger and malnutrition in India.

Nearly four years later he has provided more than 8.5 million meals to those in need and has now been honoured with a National Youth Award of India in recognition of the impact of his work.

Meet the Ambassadors championing human rights around the world

This Sunday 10 December  marks Human Rights Day and the launch of the UN’s upcoming year-long campaign to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948. From the prohibition of slavery to the right to move freely, the Declaration sets out universal values to uplift the dignity of people from all backgrounds and walks of life around the world.