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Harnessing the potential of the Future of Work in Ethiopia

Robin Klabbers, Jessica Sakalauskas, and Andrew van Olst are One Young World incoming Enterprise for Peace Scholars from the Netherlands. It is the second year in a row that One Young World and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands work together to empower a cohort of 50 Enterprise for Peace Scholars by welcoming them to the One Young World Summit 2019. 

OYW Ambassadors launch Domestic Abuse training for young professionals

Following the One Young World Summit 2016 in Ottawa, Canada, OYW Ambassadors Jemima Lovatt and Uzair Patel brought together a group of ~15 passionate young individuals from private, public and third sector backgrounds to create a OYW Working Group to End Domestic Abuse. The aim of the group is to engage corporate organisations and employers in ending domestic abuse. Now the working group has launched a free, 1-day training for young professionals who are interested in learning what they can do to tackle domestic abuse.

We hosted our first Social Impact Hack with Facebook: here’s what happened

By Safoora Biglari. Community Manager, One Young World

All photos by Charlie Oliver.


A few weeks ago, One Young World (OYW) hosted its first ever Social Impact Hack at Facebook's Brock St offices. Facebook has been a dear partner of OYW for several years now - we have collaborated on a number of initiatives, including the Facebook Social Entrepreneurship Award and the OYW x Facebook Caucus in New York with Facebook's VP of Global Marketing Solutions, Carolyn Everson. 

The 2 greatest secrets to success & leadership according to Kenny Imafidon

Kenny is a One Young World Ambassador from the UK. He is the co-founder and Director at ClearView Research. 

1. Gratitude

In Western society we are great at complaining. But it’s usually about First World problems like: ‘my phone has broken’ or ‘I’ve got a bad connection to the Internet’ or ‘The train is a few minutes delayed.’

40 under 40: Get to know Sheree Atcheson

Companies can’t expect to get the best talent if they don’t openly empower their staff and allow them to investigate the things that make them passionate, whilst also doing the client work.

Deloitte understands this. The reason why I came here was, not only is this one of the biggest companies in the world, it’s somewhere that openly supports not just women but all different minorities to do the things they want to do.