The OYW community pays tribute to Kofi Annan

One Young World is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of long-time One Young World Counsellor and Seventh Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan (80).

Mr Annan served as UN Secretary General from January 1997 to December 2006. During that time, he led a comprehensive programme of reform that sought to revitalize the United Nations and make the international system more effective.   In 2001, he and the United Nations were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.

The importance of representing refugees at international events like One Young World

Seeing The Refugee Nation represented at The Olympic Games this year was a feat that we should acknowledge. To many refugees including myself, such events fill us with hope that the world sees refugees as more than a statistic.

As a proud One Young World Ambassador, I was equally pleased to see The Refugee Nation represented at the One Young World 2016 Summit in Ottawa, Canada.