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We hosted our first Social Impact Hack with Facebook: here’s what happened

By Safoora Biglari. Community Manager, One Young World

All photos by Charlie Oliver.


A few weeks ago, One Young World (OYW) hosted its first ever Social Impact Hack at Facebook's Brock St offices. Facebook has been a dear partner of OYW for several years now - we have collaborated on a number of initiatives, including the Facebook Social Entrepreneurship Award and the OYW x Facebook Caucus in New York with Facebook's VP of Global Marketing Solutions, Carolyn Everson. 

The 2 greatest secrets to success & leadership according to Kenny Imafidon

Kenny is a One Young World Ambassador from the UK. He is the co-founder and Director at ClearView Research. 

1. Gratitude

In Western society we are great at complaining. But it’s usually about First World problems like: ‘my phone has broken’ or ‘I’ve got a bad connection to the Internet’ or ‘The train is a few minutes delayed.’

40 under 40: Get to know Sheree Atcheson

Companies can’t expect to get the best talent if they don’t openly empower their staff and allow them to investigate the things that make them passionate, whilst also doing the client work.

Deloitte understands this. The reason why I came here was, not only is this one of the biggest companies in the world, it’s somewhere that openly supports not just women but all different minorities to do the things they want to do.

“I sometimes forget what I felt throughout my OYW experience. This is why the OYW community is so important.”

It has been almost 5 years since I became a part of the wonderful One Young World (OYW) community. I still remember every touching and exciting moment I experienced at OYW Johannesburg back in 2013. Since then, I have wondered, how can I better myself to be a part of the improved society I want to see? Truthfully, I believe that I am on my way.

How One Young World drove me to create shoes that leave the right footprint

Written by Luke Gibson. He is the Founder of Two Degrees and a OYW Ambassador from the UK. Two Degrees' Kickstarter page is now live

I arrived at Bangkok in 2015 not really knowing what to expect.

I was doing Corporate Strategy at a multi-national Asset Management firm in London, and while I enjoyed what I was doing, I was still generally confused about what I wanted to do with my life.

Isn’t everyone to a certain extent?