Natural Disasters

5 young leaders tackling Africa's droughts

Last month, the journal Nature warned that 30 percent of the world’s territory could fall into a state of desertification and perpetual drought by 2050, if global average temperature is allowed to rise by 2°C.

And nowhere is this threat greater than in Africa. In Cape Town, one of the continent’s most advanced cities and a global destination for tourism, warnings have been posted that taps will run dry by 12 April, which is being dubbed ‘Day Zero’ by locals.

Jerome Jarre launches Facebook Village

The #LoveArmy for Somalia co-founder Jerome Jarre has unveiled a new programme for harnessing the power of social media to tackle hunger in Africa without having to import food from the West.

The One Young World Ambassador, who raised $2.4m for Somalia in 72 hours in March in response to the country’s devastating drought, has created Facebook Village to enable donors to give funds directly to Somalis.