This entrepreneur’s device will revolutionise the way we save lives

*Written by Johann Kalchman, the Co-Founder and CEO of Lifeaz.

It’s a strange quirk of modern life that many people identified as at extremely high risk of cardiac arrest are more likely to survive a cardiac arrest than those of us apparently at low risk.

This is because we possess the technology to respond to cardiac arrest but it is so scarcely deployed and so little understood that if you suffer a sudden attack on the street your chances of survival are as low as five per cent.

Why the world must pay attention to the $2.1 billion Ontario pledged towards mental health

Written by Alicia Raimundo, OYW Ambassador & mental health campaigner.

It had been three years since we’d first started talking to officials about repairing the mental health system, eight years since I’d begun my career as a mental health campaigner, and nearly 16 years since I’d tried to take my life.

So I don’t mind admitting I was fighting back the tears last month as I stood on stage behind Premier Kathleen Wynne as an invited guest and heard her promise $2.1 billion to repair Ontario’s patched up mental health system. $2.1 billion!

The Unmentionables: Intimate health products in conflict zones

This article was authored by Kaleigh Heard*

As an academic, I am interested in the political and health nexus of conflict, and three years ago, I was working on an academic study concerning sexual and reproductive health amongst forcibly displaced communities in Greece. As I explored the high rates of survival sex amongst young migrants, it became abundantly clear that the entire community had been left behind when it came to access to sexual and reproductive health products and education.