What is Home?

Wandile is a One Young World Ambassador and Founder & CEO of Ubuntu Design Group, a company that exists to solve architectural design and financial inclusion problems of low-income communities around the world.

The pattern of my life revolves around the question: “What is home?”.

World Humanitarian Day: why we need one every day in Yemen

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The purpose of humanitarian aid is to save people’s lives, reduce suffering, and restore dignity.  National governments at the same time should provide stewardship, coordination and regulation for the aid coming to support them.

40 under 40: Get to know Sheree Atcheson

Companies can’t expect to get the best talent if they don’t openly empower their staff and allow them to investigate the things that make them passionate, whilst also doing the client work.

Deloitte understands this. The reason why I came here was, not only is this one of the biggest companies in the world, it’s somewhere that openly supports not just women but all different minorities to do the things they want to do.

Good Friday Agreement 20th anniversary: "We have a unique opportunity to build a home of hope"

Coming home

My family had only lived back in Northern Ireland for a year when the Good Friday Agreement was signed. Our parents told us we would be moving ‘home’ the night that President Bill Clinton came to Belfast in 1995 – we watched on TV from our home in Surrey, England as the President of the United States planted seeds of hope within the people of Belfast and Derry-Londonderry.

How this entrepreneur is using blockchain for humanitarian projects

Inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis, Hungarian OYW Ambassador Balázs Nemethi started Taqanu, a blockchain-based digital identity platform and ecosystem. Taqanu will help stateless and un-identifiable individuals verify who they are, helping them to access services, open bank accounts and find work.

We spoke to Balázs who shared his 10 tips to launching an impactful social venture based on his personal experience.

Bringing back our beloved Yemen

It is devastating to see the place you grew up in being destroyed by war. It is all the more painful when you are powerless to make a change. This is the ugly face of the man-made conflict happening in Yemen.

I was born and raised, educated and employed in Yemen’s capital city, Sana’a, where the beauty of our old city buildings keep us looking to tomorrow with hope. However, the current protracted conflict has ravished the hope of our dreams and replaced them with a living nightmare from which we can’t imagine waking up.