Race Relations

What is Home?

Wandile is a One Young World Ambassador and Founder & CEO of Ubuntu Design Group, a company that exists to solve architectural design and financial inclusion problems of low-income communities around the world.

The pattern of my life revolves around the question: “What is home?”.

The 2 greatest secrets to success & leadership according to Kenny Imafidon

Kenny is a One Young World Ambassador from the UK. He is the co-founder and Director at ClearView Research. 

1. Gratitude

In Western society we are great at complaining. But it’s usually about First World problems like: ‘my phone has broken’ or ‘I’ve got a bad connection to the Internet’ or ‘The train is a few minutes delayed.’

Director of Pittsburgh Public Schools - “We need to reevaluate how we teach today’s students”

Some teachers need to go back to being taught.

Their predecessors in the American public school system might have been able to rely on trusted traditional teaching methods but today’s educators must work in a wholly different classroom environment with students who find many lessons boring and irrelevant.

This is the iPhone generation. It has direct access to information. Teachers face a constant battle to try and maintain their interest in the learning process and ensure they have learning models that keep students responsive and engaged.

It's Anti-Racism Week in South Africa - are we any closer to ending it?

The end of March will mark exactly a year since icon, struggle stalwart, leader and mentor close to many of our hearts, Ahmed Kathrada, or as many fondly know him,Uncle Kathy, passed on. An imminent void has been left as we mark the annual Anti-Racism campaign aimed at tackling the root causes of divide in South Africa’s democracy over the past two decades.

Why we can’t wait

In honor of Black History Month in the United States, I’ve taken inspiration from Martin Luther King Jr’s book Why We Can’t Wait to talk about the need for all of us to be held accountable in the fight for racial justice.

Reporting from Venezuela: a Q&A with Carlos Vargas

Carlos Eduardo Vargas Palencia is a senior law student at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) in Caracas, Venezuela. He is founder and currently Chief Executive Officer of the social start-up 1001 Ideas For My Country. He was a Delegate Speaker in the Leadership & Governance Plenary Session at the One Young World Summit of 2015 in Bangkok. He has also participated in the World Debate Championship in Spanish. 

Being black in the USA and why #BlackLivesMatter

Meron is a One Young World Ambassador from Eritrea, who is passionate about addressing the current human rights situation in his home country and the rest of the world. 

In less than 24 hours, two black people from Minnesota and Louisiana were fatally shot by police officers. As always, many communities couldn't take the continued killings which they faced every so often. This has led to protests throughout the country, blockages of highways, and in some cases, heavy violence.