In the face of economic hardship, this teacher is transforming her local community

Recent tensions in US politics have resulted in a renewed focus on how the economic decline of the nation’s central industrial heartlands might have left a section of the population feeling forgotten and left behind.

Jackson, Michigan, lies at the heart of this region, known as the Rust Belt, and One Young World Ambassador Angela Edward, who lives and was raised in the city, is working to improve its children’s life opportunities and their sense of connection with the wider world.

Director of Pittsburgh Public Schools - “We need to reevaluate how we teach today’s students”

Some teachers need to go back to being taught.

Their predecessors in the American public school system might have been able to rely on trusted traditional teaching methods but today’s educators must work in a wholly different classroom environment with students who find many lessons boring and irrelevant.

This is the iPhone generation. It has direct access to information. Teachers face a constant battle to try and maintain their interest in the learning process and ensure they have learning models that keep students responsive and engaged.