LGBT rights

OYW Ambassador's LGBTI documentary receives support from Timor Leste's Prime Minister & Catholic community

Written by Natalino Guterres - OYW Peace Ambassador & Co-Founder of Hatutan.

Family plays an important role in people’s learning and growth, especially to children and youth. A family that is nurturing and loving can help children grow to their full potential. But in some cases, discrimination and violence start at home due to lack of understanding on certain issues.

Meet the Ambassadors championing human rights around the world

This Sunday 10 December  marks Human Rights Day and the launch of the UN’s upcoming year-long campaign to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948. From the prohibition of slavery to the right to move freely, the Declaration sets out universal values to uplift the dignity of people from all backgrounds and walks of life around the world.

Creating diverse and inclusive workplaces

This blog is part of a series published on WEFLIVE from young leaders in the One Young World community who are addressing issues across the world relating to the World Economic Forum 2017 theme of 'Responsive and Responsible Leadership'.

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People, quite simply, perform better when they can be themselves. They can bring their whole selves to work, and they can lead authentically, without hiding part of who they are.

One Young World - the Odyssey

One Young World. 196 countries. One hundred and ninety six countries. Allow me to repeat that one more time; 1-9-6. That’s a lot of countries. Depending on who you ask, that’s pretty much every country in the world.

A lot of countries.

1300 young people. Young leaders. Young human beings who want the world of 2026 to be better than the world of 2016. Not only “want” it to be better, but most of whom are actively fighting each and every day to ensure that becomes a reality.

Orlando, Jo Cox, Istanbul: What young people must do to move forward

It was the opening ceremony of One Young World 2015. 1,300 young leaders from 196 countries - including myself - buzzed with energy and excitement under Bangkok’s starry night sky to listen to the opening remarks of the week’s most notable speakers.

When Sir Bob Geldof took to the stage, his grim expression was immediately a sharp contrast to the bright festivities of the night. When he spoke, his message was not a warm welcome or a happy remembrance of past One Young Worlds. His message was a direct accusation.