Mental Health

Why the world must pay attention to the $2.1 billion Ontario pledged towards mental health

Written by Alicia Raimundo, OYW Ambassador & mental health campaigner.

It had been three years since we’d first started talking to officials about repairing the mental health system, eight years since I’d begun my career as a mental health campaigner, and nearly 16 years since I’d tried to take my life.

So I don’t mind admitting I was fighting back the tears last month as I stood on stage behind Premier Kathleen Wynne as an invited guest and heard her promise $2.1 billion to repair Ontario’s patched up mental health system. $2.1 billion!

In the face of economic hardship, this teacher is transforming her local community

Recent tensions in US politics have resulted in a renewed focus on how the economic decline of the nation’s central industrial heartlands might have left a section of the population feeling forgotten and left behind.

Jackson, Michigan, lies at the heart of this region, known as the Rust Belt, and One Young World Ambassador Angela Edward, who lives and was raised in the city, is working to improve its children’s life opportunities and their sense of connection with the wider world.

Discover the brand generating funds for an anti-bullying programme

“Let’s take on the bullies and unlock the potential of more young leaders”, says One Young World Ambassador Hayden Taylor, Managing Director of Unloc, a UK-based social enterprise for young people.

When Kieran O’Toole enrolled in the Unloc Enterprise Academy, our 12-week entrepreneurship programme, it gave him the chance to fight back against the bullies who had been an unfortunate feature of his time at school.