Human Rights

Discover the brand generating funds for an anti-bullying programme

“Let’s take on the bullies and unlock the potential of more young leaders”, says One Young World Ambassador Hayden Taylor, Managing Director of Unloc, a UK-based social enterprise for young people.

When Kieran O’Toole enrolled in the Unloc Enterprise Academy, our 12-week entrepreneurship programme, it gave him the chance to fight back against the bullies who had been an unfortunate feature of his time at school.

Is the Spirit of Atlas Shrugged Alive Among Millennials in North Korea?

Portraits of Kim il-Sung at the Tate Modern, London

by OYW Ambassador James Paek

It's strange to think of people feeling both oppressed and free at the same time. Yet it's exactly this unlikely combination of sentiments that drives a new generation of North Koreans: they're constrained by their nation’s political system, yet unflappable in their drive to overcome the limitations they face.