SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-Being

SDG class

Fair Game Australia

John van Bockxmeer founded Fair Game Australia to give young people from underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to take part in sports, reaching almost 15,000 young people and donating over 24,000 pieces of sports gear across Australia. Whilst working as a doctor in a small rural hospital, John saw young Australians suffering from preventable lifestyle-related illness and wanted to establish a holistic model which would help break the cycle of inequality.


Bradley co-founded WSV as a sustainable approach to international development. With the support of Enactus and the University of Southampton, WSV has developed three main business models that have enabled people with low economic prospects to generate income, whilst providing a service that benefits the community.


Isabelle founded Solid’Africa to help provide an integrated service to people in hospitals in Rwanda. Solid’Africa works with 3,000 patients across two hospitals in Kigali. Solid’Africa runs several different projects to help people without adequate access to healthcare.

Little Voice Books

In 2014, Amanda co-founded Little Voice Books to create a platform that would leverage the power of literature and illustration as a means to develop a meaningful experience that would create a dialogue at home and in the classroom, as well as create awareness for causes and initiatives across Canada.

Village Health Action

Egide co-founded Village Health Action in 2012 to help prevent the spread of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) through education and empowerment. Village Health Action provides clinical services to drug users, helping the rehabilitation process and facilitating social reinsertion. Village Health Action has treated 2,800 drug users to date, and conducted sensitisation and education training sessions with a further 6,000 people. Many of these drug addicts are young people, so Village Health Action helps them to overcome their dependency and return to school to complete their education.

Shree Mengal Dvip

Wangchuk is the Senior Medical Officer at the Shree Mengal Dvip Boarding School in Nepal. It was set up by his mentor and Wangchuk helps run the school. The school has directly impacted 5,000 students over 28 years (179 a year). Wangchuk works full time, offering his medical services. This year, after the devastating earthquake, he saved five people and provided 5,000 people with supplies and medical care. 

Gifted Mom

Alain Nte founded GiftedMom in Cameroon to reduce infant and maternal mortality. In its first year, over 1,200 pregnant women were reached across 15 communities, increasing antenatal care attendance by an average of 20% and ultimately saving lives.

Simple SMS messages raised awareness, sent reminders and educated communities about maternal, antenatal and infant care. 

Burundi 3.0

Adelard founded Burundi 3.0 after attending a One Young World Summit three years ago. He aims to deliver mobile services to communities through two different projects. The first, Akiwawe Opportunities gives job seekers alerts through SMSs. The second, mDiab Burundi, is an app to assess risk factors associated with diabetes. Previously, in order to access job opportunities they would have had to connect to the internet which can cost $17 a month (low tariff). Burundi 3.0 currently has 15,000 subscribers for job searching alone. 


Vibin founded BiOZEEN five years ago to reduce the cost of vaccine manufacturing by adopting open technologies. Reduced costs will increase production, and increase availability of vaccines for the global population. They have received $1,000,000 from banks and family sources. BiOZEEN has supplied over 450 units of regulatory compliant bio-equipment and automation solutions to over 50 biopharmaceutical companies across 16 countries.