SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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The Biz Nation

Karen founded The Biz Nation with her sisters Daniela and Stephanie to increase entrepreneurial spirit among young people and have reached over 500,000 people so far. They have a user base that spans six countries in Latin America, using content devised by teachers from eight countries. The Biz Nation has introduced a new way of teaching students in Colombia and beyond, using their research based methodology to increase attention and interest in the classroom.

Chicas en Tecnología

Chicas en Tecnología is closing the gender gap in technology by inspiring teenage girls to become creators and problem solvers instead of just consumers of technology. More than 1,600 girls are part of the Chicas en Tecnologia community, with 1,400 being directly impacted by their programmes. Some projects have been selected for corporate or government sponsorship, while others have been featured in the broadcast media.


Jonathan is the Head Culture Catalyst for ‘95%’, a consultancy that specialises in improving company performance through cultural transformation. Jonathan and his team have impacted 5,800 business leaders across Malaysia since 2015. The name comes from a study that claims that even the smartest person only uses 5% of her brain capacity, thus Jonathan and his organisation work to tap into the underutilised 95%. ‘95%’ strives to turn workplaces into ‘joyplaces’. For an organisation to become a joyplace, two conditions must hold: business must be thriving, and people must be winning.

Queen B

QueenB was founded by Yasmin Dunsky & Noga Mann to make computer programming and coding accessible and interesting to young girls. The organisation has taught 500 girls how to code and has reached 1,000 young people through running popup workshops and hackathons.

enke: Make Your Mark

Rufaro is the CEO of enke: Make your Mark, which strives to equip young people with an entrepreneurial mindset by giving them relevant skills while cultivating the belief that they are capable of changing their own lives. More than 3,000 young people in South Africa have benefitted from the programmes coordinated by enke to date.


Hasan founded Hasoub to empower young Arab entrepreneurs and technology specialists by equipping them with technical skills and providing them with community support. More than 12,000 people have attended Hasoub lectures, workshops and festivals to date. A further 200 people have developed their technological skills through attending regular training courses. Beginning in his parents’ basement, Hasan wanted to create a community of tech entrepreneurs that could foster innovation and creativity amongst young Arabs.

Siemens Monterrey Factory

Yavor moved to North Mexico to become plant manager of one of Siemens’ largest North American factories, located in Monterrey. The factory employed 1,500 people, 70% of them female, many were single mothers, but the factory was losing money; production quality and customer relations were poor, partly because of high staff turnover. The management team were thinking of closing the factory down.