SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

SDG class

Men Na Nekk

Brice leads the Men Na Nekk project to reduce the risk of violent extremism spreading into Senegal. Men Na Nekk has taught 900 school children and 450 school leavers about countering violent extremism, and equipped them with practical skills that will help them to be financially independent in the future. Senegal is a relatively peaceful country, but neighbouring states including Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Mali have experienced political unrest and terrorist attacks in recent years. Brice’s work focuses on cities bordering Senegal, such as Kedougou, located near the Mali border.

Youth Center "Perspektiva”

Luis founded Youth Centre “Perspektiva” to empower young people through educating them about human rights and democracy. Youth Centre “Perspektiva” helps young people to develop their skills through training sessions and workshops, educating 500 young people to date. The organisation was the first to focus on combating and preventing hate speech through non formal education at the national level. Participants are trained on how to become multipliers and activists of the ‘No Hate Speech Movement’, learning how to combat and prevent hateful messages both online and offline.

Fundación Para La Tierra - Voces de la Naturaleza

As Deputy Director of Fundacion Para La Tierra, Joseph co-founded Voces de la Naturaleza in late 2015 as a forum to teach children and adults about the environment. In August 2018, the Foundation was running nine eco-clubs in six communities, teaching 150 children about the natural world each week. It had also hosted five seasonal winter camps to reach more than 250 children in communities that did not yet have access to regular club meetings.

MCJ Togo

Simtekpe founded MCJ Togo in 2012 as a youth empowerment initiative. After attending the One Young World Summit 2018 The Hague and learning more about different approaches to peacebuilding, Simtekpe re-focussed his efforts to be more centred on preventing and countering violent extremism.

Think Peace

Think Peace is a Malian NGO that works to improve peace and governance in the country through youth engagement. Think Peace has positively impacted the lives of 20,000 people since being founded three years ago. In 2017 Think Peace expanded to the neighbouring countries of Niger and Burkina Faso to further strengthen their work in countering violent extremism and promoting peace.


Ahmed founded Moomken in 2013 to teach young people basic skills in technical media, and has trained more than 600 people to date. The organisation aims to grow the design and technical skills of young people so that they can work as freelancers in Libya following the 2011 uprising. 

Youth Social Advocacy Team

John founded Youth Social Advocacy Team to help young people in Rhino Refugee Camp, Northwestern Uganda, to develop their leadership and peacebuilding skills. Youth Social Advocacy Team has directly impacted more than 10,000 people through three main programmes. The organisation has also trained 250 young people to become local Peace Ambassadors. These young people are taught conflict resolution skills such as mediation, negotiation and facilitating community dialogue. These Peace Ambassadors are responsible for policing and monitoring potential event hot-spots.

Skate Brothers

At the age of 16, Jessel fell victim to gang violence when he was shot in the back and almost killed. After recovering from this horrific incident, Jessel decided to use his experience to make a positive change in his community. He founded SkateBrothers, a youth club with the purpose of engaging young Hondurans into a supportive network that rejects gang culture and promotes community cohesion.