SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals

SDG class

Maestros Leadership Team

Charles founded Maestros Leadership Team to inspire young people to develop leadership qualities by increasing the quality of the education they receive and improving their future employment prospects. Maestros currently operates in 18 countries across Africa, reaching almost 70,000 young people across several project streams. Maestros Leadership Team is the social impact branch of Maestros Leadership Company, an organisation that specialises in professional training and development.


Bradley co-founded WSV as a sustainable approach to international development. With the support of Enactus and the University of Southampton, WSV has developed three main business models that have enabled people with low economic prospects to generate income, whilst providing a service that benefits the community.

Lidera El Cambio

Maria founded Lidera El Cambio alongside 15 other One Young World Ambassadors following the 2017 Bogotá Summit. Lidera El Cambio is a leadership development platform for young Colombians to come together and work towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The 2018 Lidera El Cambio conference had 300 attendees from across Colombia, with 40 speakers and panellists sharing their expertise with the delegation over two days. Participants also attended 10 practical workshops lead by top non profit organisations, public institutions and corporations.


Following the tragic 2015 Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal, tourist numbers to the small South Asian nation fell substantially. Prakash launched the NepalNow initiative to promote tourism, encourage people to travel to the country and share his country with the world. Prakash garnered support from the CBI who donated $20,000 and according to Prakesh contributed an equivalent 12 days of free consulting worth around $15,000.

Youth Health Parliament

Ben and Lewis founded The Youth Health Parliament in March 2016 with the aim of making the UK a healthier place. This idea generation hothouse allows decisionmakers of tomorrow to present ideas that can shape the future of the healthcare system which young people will themselves depend on. The founders devised a format to bring together 50 talented and passionate young professionals, aged between 18-30, from backgrounds including multinational corporations, Government departments, science and healthcare institutions and NGOs.

Kenya GE

After attending the One Young World Summit in 2015, Kaleigh was inspired to work with other GE young professionals, identifying ways to contribute to GE Foundation projects. She established three global teams which provide pro-bono business planning advice to local social business partners in Kenya addressing healthcare issues such as lack of medical oxygen supply, safe water and bio-medical engineering and technicians. At the Bangkok summit she met the CMO of GE Foundation who put her in touch with the entrepreneurs of Hewa Tele.

CSR Kosovo

Senton Kaçaniku became CEO of CSR Kosovo in January 2016. The organisation, originally founded in 2011, is primarily involved in issues of youth employment and human rights in business, with some activity on environmental and transparency projects. It oversees and supports the implementation of socially responsible corporate projects throughout Kosovo, whilst striving for economic development, CSR best practice and compliance with the Global Compact Principles.

Institute of Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Daria has experienced the issues inherent to a nation in conflict. As an attendee of One Young World’s Bangkok summit in 2015, she was inspired to create an environment in Ukraine where people can come from around the world to communicate their nation’s problems, and forge partnerships over shared human values. In late 2015, Daria lead a group of her friends and colleagues to form the institute of Partnership for Sustainable Development (IPSD). The IPSD applied for, and won, a grant worth $24,000 from the Black Sea Trust Fund.

Kalube Consults Limited

Umar founded Kalube Consults Ltd as a consultancy to showcase the best of African intellect and talent and to track the progress made towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals across the continent. The main aim is to create an Africa based hub, which includes knowledge of on the ground realities, to assist with international development efforts. Kalube Consults Ltd currently has 139 PhD and Masters degree holders representing 36 African countries.

Mundo Scientific

Andres is the founder of Mundo Scientific, an organisation that aims to bring science education to life for high school students through the use of live demonstrations and scientific experiments. Andres wanted to make science more exciting for students in order to increase their interest in STEM subjects and to encourage them to pursue this line of study in the future.