Business and Society

The moral obligation to promote financial inclusion

What does innovation really mean?

Innovation cannot not be pursued without taking inclusion into account; it must be used to level the playing field.


Creating diverse and inclusive workplaces

Simon Rodgers, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Aviva, writes on how embracing LGBT+ rights in the workplace is good for business.

Millennials want to use data for social good, but will privacy stop them?

Florence Broderick discusses why we need responsible leadership if we want to overcome the privacy challenge and grow the Big Data for Social Good initiative.

Nothing will change until leaders address the cycle of corruption

One Young World Founder Kate Robertson calls on business and political leaders at Davos to focus their efforts on fighting the cancer of corruption.

Only a global mindset can sustain our futures

Indy Hothi discusses why we need a new approach to sustainable development that centres around inclusivity, collaboration and a global mindset.

7 ways mobile data is being used to change the world

It's OK to be OK: A View on Talent Management

Intrapreneur Tim Heard addresses the issue of talent retention and the need for talent development points.

The rise of gender finance

Sameer Chand explores how we can advance the agenda of gender finance.

Nigerians, let's have a tax pep talk

As the Nigerian economy has dipped into a recession, Mary-Jean Nleya talks about the country's predicament and the need for tax reform.