Less than 12 months & there is something in the air

As both a Returning Ambassador and flag bearer, Dulal Rahman describes why One Young World has drawn him to Ottawa. 

So I attended a One Young World Summit… now what?

Ambassador Iris Wan answers the question that everyone has (or should have) after attending One Young World and tells you what you can do about it.

Investing for Charity: when change is necessary for creating a sustainable impact

How Westpac Ambassador, Matthew Fitzpatrick, has created an investment model for social good.

How Leroy Mwasaru is addressing challenges facing African businesses

Leroy Mwasaru discusses his thoughts on the future of African business and his work as a founder of Greenpact.

Rethinking risk-taking

Jamillia Kamara imparts her thoughts and advice on entrepreneurship and fundraising.

Indy Hothi shares 10 ways to make a difference

Indy Hothi set out the ten things he believes young business professionals should consider when setting out to make the world a better place.

How capitalism can evolve

Paul Lindley, CEO of Ella's Kitchen, spoke to One Young World London's Ambassador community about the influence of business.

Despite hurdles, Arab women are creating their own opportunities